Change In Principal Officer - Encik Nasution Mohamed

Back Apr 03, 2018
Date of change 30 Apr 2018
Age 45
Gender Male
Nationality Malaysia
Type of change Cessation Of Office
Designation Chief Financial Officer

Nasution Mohamed ("Nasution") is leaving Maxis Berhad ("Maxis") to pursue other career opportunities and will relinquish his role as Chief Financial and Strategy Officer on 30 April 2018. Please see remarks.

Details of any disagreement that he/she has with the Board of Directors No
Whether there are any matters that need to be brought to the attention of shareholders No

Nasution holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of New South Wales, Australia and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA).

Working experience and occupation

Nasution joined Maxis in January 2011 and was appointed as Chief Financial Officer on 15 April 2011. He was subsequently redesignated as Chief Financial and Strategy Officer in November 2013. Nasution has over 20 years of wide business experience in Malaysia and overseas. Prior to joining Maxis, Nasution was the Managing Director/ CEO of Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad ("PMB"). Prior to PMB, he was an Executive Director at UDA Holdings Berhad. Nasution started his career with KPMG in Australia and subsequently joined the Corporate Finance Division of Amanah Merchant Bank Berhad. He then moved on to Pengurusan Danaharta Nasional Berhad ("Danaharta"). Subsequent to Danaharta, Nasution joined KPMG Malaysia where he was Head of an audit department.

Family relationship with any director and/or major shareholder of the listed issuer


Any conflict of interests that he/she has with the listed issuer


Details of any interest in the securities of the listed issuer or its subsidiaries

500,000 options over Maxis shares and 1,905,100 shares granted under the Long Term Incentive Plan ("LTIP") that are subject to the terms and conditions of the By-Laws governing the Maxis Berhads LTIP, upon meeting the vesting conditions as set out in the letter of offer.


Remarks :

Maxis would like to record its appreciation to Nasution for his notable contributions during his 7 ½ years tenure. He was a key part of the leadership team that made Maxis a leading communications provider with the highest service revenue market share and an industry leading EBITDA margin. Maxis would like to wish him well in his future undertakings.


Announcement Info

Stock Name MAXIS
Date Announced 03 Apr 2018
Category Change in Principal Officer
Reference Number C04-03042018-00002