Financial Highlights

Extracted from Annual Report 2021

Maxis's Annual Report 2021 Financial Highlights


  • (1)  Service revenue is defined as Group revenue excluding sale of devices. Comparative information has been restated to conform with current presentation.
  • (2)  Defined as profit before finance income, finance costs, tax, depreciation, amortisation and allowance for write down of identified network costs.
  • (3)  2018 and 2017 financial information are based on pre-MFRS 16 "Leases".
  • (4)  Normalising RM60 million (2017: RM28 million) annual charge-out of upfront spectrum assignment fees and the below items for the respective years:
    1. 2019 - RM25 million unrealised foreign exchange gains.
    2. 2018 - RM16 million unrealised foreign exchange gains.
    3. 2017 - RM78 million unrealised foreign exchange gains and RM62 million prior years' service fee reduction.
  • (5)  Dividends declared and proposed in respect of the designated financial years.
  • (6)  Include derivative financial instruments designated for hedging relationship on borrowing.
  • (7)  The comparative results were restated due to the change in deferred tax measurement on indefinite-life intangibles.