Change in Audit Committee

Back Jan 30, 2014

Date of change

Name Hamidah Naziadin
Age 50
Nationality Malaysian
Type of change Appointment
Designation Member of Audit Committee
Directorate Independent & Non Executive
Qualifications Hamidah Naziadin ("Hamidah") holds a Bachelor of Laws, from the University of Wolverhampton and a Certificate in Personnel Management, Malaysian Institute of Personnel Management. She has 27 years of experience in human resource, of which 23 years is with the CIMB Group. 
Working experience and occupation Hamidah joined CIMB Securities, a stockbroking arm of Commerce International Merchant Banker Berhad, in February 1991 to set up its Personnel Unit. In August 2001, Hamidah was transferred to the parent bank, CIMB, to head and manage the Group functions for Human Resource and Administration, and had developed those functions from support to strategic ones.

Today, as Head of Group Corporate Resources, Hamidah holds regional responsibilities for Group Human Resource and Group Administration and certain related portfolios. She also oversees the Commerce Leadership Institute and corporate responsibility initiatives. Hamidah provides strategic direction and drives the human capital agenda across the Group.

Hamidah continues to play a critical role in integrating CIMB's resources due to the various mergers and acquisitions within Malaysia, and across ASEAN and APAC region. Hamidah is also a Commissioner of CIMB Niaga, Indonesia and member of CIMB Niaga's Nomination and Remuneration Committee since 2010.

She has led her team to secure many HR-related awards for CIMB. Prior to joining CIMB, she was with Pacific Bank. 
Directorship of public companies (if any) Nil 
Family relationship with any director and/or major shareholder of the listed issuer Nil 
Any conflict of interests that he/she has with the listed issuer Nil 
Details of any interest in the securities of the listed issuer or its subsidiaries Nil 
Composition of Audit Committee (Name and Directorate of members after change) 1. Robert William Boyle (Chairman, Independent Non-Executive Director)
2. Dato' Mokhzani bin Mahathir (Independent Non-Executive Director)
3. Hamidah Naziadin (Independent Non-Executive Director)
4. Dr Fahad Hussain S. Mushayt (Non-Independent Non-Executive Director)
5. Chan Chee Beng (Non-Independent Non-Executive Director)


Announcement Info

Company Name MAXIS BERHAD  
Stock Name MAXIS    
Date Announced 30 Jan 2014  
Category Change in Audit Committee
Reference No MM-140121-35536