Back Jul 04, 2013
Type Announcement
Subject OTHERS
Description 2009 Employee Share Option Scheme
Maxis Berhad ("Maxis" or "the Company") wishes to announce that Maxis had today, 4 July 2013 under the 2009 Employee Share Option Scheme of Maxis ("ESOS"), made an offer to grant 13,877,900 Options over new shares ("Maxis Options") to the eligible employees of Maxis Group of Companies ("Maxis Group").

Details of the Maxis Options are as follows:-

Date of Offer
4 July 2013

(b) Exercise Price of Maxis Options to Ordinary Shares of RM0.10 each ("Maxis Shares")

Number of Maxis Options Granted
13,877,900 Maxis Options

Market Price of Maxis Shares
Closing Price of Maxis Shares on Date of Offer : RM6.79

Number of Maxis Options Granted to Each Director

Vesting Period of Maxis Options Granted

The Maxis Options shall become exercisable on each of the first three anniversaries of the effective date of grant (1 July 2013), if the holder of an outstanding Maxis Options is in the continuous service of Maxis Group throughout such period or under any other circumstances as permitted by the ESOS Bye-Laws.

This announcement is dated 4 July 2013


Announcement Info

Company Name MAXIS BERHAD  
Stock Name MAXIS    
Date Announced 4 Jul 2013  
Category General Announcement
Reference No MM-130703-64503