Maxis Confirms 4G Leadership Position, Focused on High Performing Internet Experience

Back Nov 19, 2015

Malaysians love the Internet and feel empowered by it. It's no longer just a fun thing, it has now become integral to our modern lives. The demand for quality Internet experience is booming, both from consumers and businesses.

At Maxis, we won't settle for anything other than the best. And that's why our average is not the average.

Network quality depends on the signal quality, which is measured in dBm. Maxis uses -98dBm as a stringent threshold to ensure consistent and reliable indoor and outdoor coverage.

The -98dBm measurement is equivalent to three or four bars on your phone when outdoors, giving a more reliable and consistent data experience, with great average outdoor 4G speeds of 20Mbps and significantly better indoor speeds of 10 Mbps.

With this signal strength, customers can expect zero buffering on YouTube 96% of the time, load top webpages in less than 8 seconds, 24/7 consistently fast speeds, and stronger signal and widest 4G coverage.

Based on this -98dBm threshold, Maxis' High Performing 4G network reaches 62% of the Malaysian population.

There is also a common standard measurement for signal strength of -110dBm used by other operators, which is equivalent to two bars on your phone. As the mobile signal fluctuates heavily, this mean a less reliable, intermittent and poorer data experience outdoors, and an even poorer one indoors.

If we are to use this common standard measurement, Maxis' 4G population coverage would have crossed 70%.

In any case, Maxis leads 4G in coverage and quality.

"When it comes to network performance, we take our customers' high expectations seriously. By using stringent definitions for 4G, we are simply being more realistic. We are also investing more than RM1 billion this year in our network, more than anyone else, to ensure that Malaysians have a great Internet experience that they deserve," said Morten Bangsgaard, Maxis CTO.

There are currently 2.2 million people (and counting) enjoying the Internet with Maxis high performing 4G. Maxis has also made LTE devices even more accessible with its groundbreaking Zerolution smartphone ownership programme launched earlier, which zero upfront charges, zero penalties for changing plans and zero interest installments.

To put its 4G network to a stress test, Maxis organised a 24-hour Maxis 4G challenge today, where 2,400 employees traveled nationwide to perform 24,000 engagements in total and test Maxis 4G network. Maxis also got customers to do the same, while engaging them in a series of activities to experience the difference in Maxis 4G.

To see how fast our network is performing right now in different locations across the country, check out now.

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