Maxis Introduces Hotlink FAST For a 'Do Whatever Faster' Internet Generation

Back Nov 30, 2015

The Internet has changed everything, and today it's all about getting connected instantly and having fast speeds. This is especially true for Millennials, or 'Generation Flux' - to whom fast is the norm.

Hotlink is keeping up with this savvy generation of Internet-bred users by introducing Hotlink FAST, a new prepaid proposition designed for 4G users that offers high speed internet with Fast Internet Passes for consistently fast surfing speeds of 20Mbps (both indoors and outdoors, 80% of the time) on Malaysia’s No. 1 4G network. Additionally, customers can also enjoy the best Internet deals with Internet add-ons for as low as RM12 per 1GB. All this plus one low flat rate for calls and SMS to ALL networks.

"Hotlink FAST was created with Millennials in mind. When we developed this product, it was important that we put ourselves in their shoes – they have been born into a world where anything less than fast internet is simply unheard of. In fact, fast is the only thing that they subscribe to. So Hotlink FAST, with its benefits of high speed internet at great value and supported by a superior 4G network is just the perfect plan for 4G users to do whatever they want, faster," said Navin Manian, Maxis' Head of Prepaid.

What Hotlink FAST offers

The Hotlink FAST starter pack is priced at RM15 and comes with RM5 preloaded airtime, 300MB preloaded high speed Internet and offers customers:

  • Fast Internet Pass, which enables customers to start surfing at speeds up to 20Mbps (both indoors and outdoors, 80% of the time) on any 4G LTE enabled device. With the Pass, customers will get:
  • Pass All Network Quota 4G/LTE Quota Price
    2GB for 30 days 1GB 1GB RM30
    4GB for 30 days 2GB 2GB RM48
    500MB for 7 days 250MB 250MB RM10

    *4G quota is only applicable to Internet usage within 4G network. Upon moving out of 4G coverage area, standard quota will be depleted.

  • Fast Internet add-ons upon depletion of quota for only RM12 for 1GB
  • Zero buffering on YouTube HD videos 96% of the time
  • Low call & SMS rates of 6 sen per 30 seconds and 1 sen per SMS to friends & family with Activ10

To get the new Hotlink FAST, customers just need to visit their nearest Hotlink Dealer or Maxis Centre. Existing Hotlink customers who wish to upgrade to the new Hotlink FAST plan can do so via the Hotlink RED App, by going to 'My Account' and selecting 'Change’ next to 'Rateplan'. Alternatively, they can dial *100*6*1# from their mobile phones.

To learn more about Hotlink FAST, visit

Hotlink No.1 4G LTE FAST