Maxis helps flood victims turn their pots for boiling water into phone chargers

Back Mar 22, 2016

If you thought boiling water on a conventional gas stove was good for just a cup of coffee or tea, think again.

What if your pot for boiling water could double up as a phone charger in the event of a temporary power outage? For the residents of Kampung Tabaekang and Kampung Slabi in Serian, Sarawak, who experienced interruptions to power supply due to the recent floods, they were able to do just this.

As part of its efforts to help out the local community, Maxis visited these affected families to distribute 100 boxes of flood relief supplies, including Maxis' S.O.S Power Pot, a portable device that converts thermal energy to electricity. This allowed users to charge their phones while boiling water by just connecting it to the pot's USB cable.

Maxis S.O.S Powerpot

By using this innovative device, residents were able to stay connected and communicate with search and rescue authorities as well as loved ones outside the flood areas.

"With mobile communication becoming such a critical part of everyday life especially in times of dire need, technology like the Maxis S.O.S Power Pot can truly make a difference. We are extremely pleased to have been able to ease the burden of these families, keep them connected and make emergency calls especially in these situations," said Alexius Bong, Maxis' Head of Sarawak Region.

To find out what happened on the ground, please view the video here: