Changes In Composition Of Business And It Transformation Committee

Back Apr 28, 2022
Type Announcement
Subject OTHERS
Description Changes in Composition of Business and IT Transformation Committee


Maxis Berhad wishes to announce that Madam Ooi Huey Tyng has been appointed as Member of Business and IT Transformation Committee (BIT) with effect from 28 April 2022.


The composition of the BIT after the change are as follows:-


1. Robert Alan Nason (Chairman, Non-Executive Director)


2. Alvin Michael Hew Thai Kheam (Member, Independent Non-Executive Director)


3. Ooi Huey Tyng (Member, Independent Non-Executive Director)


4. Abdulaziz Abdullah M. Alghamdi (Member, Non-Executive Director)


5. Lim Ghee Keong (Member, Non-Executive Director)


Announcement Info

Stock Name MAXIS
Date Announced 28 Apr 2022
Category General Announcement for PLC
Reference Number GA1-25042022-00060