Integrated Annual Report 2020
Maxis 2020 Year in Review
Chairman's Statement

Dear Valued Stakeholders,

The Board of Directors, the Management and employees of Maxis remain committed to Maxis’ ambition to be Malaysia’s leading converged solutions company. We are confident that this commitment as well as our focus on our growth strategy will enable us to emerge strongly in the year to come.


RM 8.966million
RM 0.17
RM 1.33bn
Total Dividends
CEO's Statement

Dear Stakeholders,

Despite the extraordinary year, we remained focused on our growth strategy and commitment to bringing together the best of technologies to enable people, businesses and the nation to Always Be Ahead in a changing world.

Chief Executive Officer
See How Our Strategy Helped Our Business Growth during COVID-19
How Our Strategy Helped Our Business Growth during COVID-19
Areas We Doubled Down
  • Accelerated home broadband connectivity
  • Positioned Maxis Business
  • Expanded and prioritised digital channels, while maintaining our network and technology leadership
  • For our employees, we continued to nurture and cultivate a strong MaxisWay culture
COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan
Managing the Crisis and Business Reconfiguration.
  • We prioritised the safety of our people, our customers, and their communities
  • Focused on providing reliable connectivity and an unmatched personalised experience for our customers
Revenue RM8,966 million
EBITDA RM3,759 million
OFCF RM3,639 million

RM 7.682million
Service Revenue (Excluding Wholesale)
RM 1.378million
Normalised Profit After Tax
RM 3.508million
Postpaid Subscription
Management Discussion & Analysis
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  • Service Revenue (RM’m)
    Service-Revenue -2.4% +0.3% -0.9% 1,992 1,940 1,945 7,797 7,725
    Service Revenue (excluding wholesale) (RM’m)
    Service-Revenue -2.1% 1,978 1,930 1,937 7,661 7,682 +0.4% +0.3%
    Total RGS & Blended ARPU
    Service-Revenue 59 56 56 9,698 9,469 9,585
  • Postpaid Revenue (RM’m)
    Service-Revenue 3,837 3,802 959 945 974
    Postpaid Subscription & ARPU
    Service-Revenue 3,508 3,451 3,405 3,420 3,372
    Data Usage & MyMaxis App Penetration
    Service-Revenue 15.4 16.7 18.6 20.2 23.3
  • Prepaid Revenue (RM’m)
    Service-Revenue 783 717 696 3,166 2,813
    Prepaid Subscription & ARPU
    Service-Revenue 6,227 5,883 5,975 5,908 5,951
    Data Usage & Hotlink Red App Penetration
    Service-Revenue 19.1 19.3 22.5 16.9 14.7
  • Fibre Revenue (RM’m)
    Service-Revenue 138 144 427 545 122
    Fibre Connections & Fibre ARPU
    Service-Revenue 369 392 411 424 444
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