Corporate Social Responsibility

Extracted from Annual Report 2016

Driving Positive Change with the Internet

We see great potential in how the marvels of the Internet can drive positive change for the community. As digital enablers, we want to empower the community with what the Internet can do in enabling new ways of thinking and learning. In doing so, we want our employees to play their part too, by volunteering their skills and energy to support communities in need.

Bringing Digital Learning To Rural and Urban Poor Communities

We combine our passion for education and our role as enablers to make digital learning a reality for children from the rural and urban poor communities. Our new flgship community programme, eKelas, was developed to support these children in their education and expose them to new ways of learning.

Designed as an after-school digital learning programme, eKelas brings learning in a fun and vibrant way and guides students towards selfpaced studying by providing access to quality education content, in line with the Malaysian School Syllabus.

We are now piloting eKelas at 10 Pusat Internet 1Malaysia ("PI1M"), also referred to as community broadband centres located in Kedah, Kelantan, Selangor, Putrajaya, Sarawak and Negeri Sembilan. The pilot programme is offered to Form 1 to Form 3 students and focused on three core subjects of Mathematics, Science and English.

We are exploring how best we can deliver digital learning as well as how we can get the community to be more involved in eKelas. So far, there are more than 600 students following the tutorials delivered via live video. As we progress into 2016, eKelas students can expect a more vibrant programme - we intend to expose them to more areas including collaborative projects and peer-to-peer networking.

With the learnings from the pilot phase, we aim to launch the programme this year (2016). Our ambition is to extend the eKelas programme to all 88 PI1Ms under Maxis' care with the aim of reaching 10,000 students over the next fie years. We are proud to be the fist company to bring e-learning as a structured, after-school learning programme to the PI1Ms and support MCMC vision in making these PI1Ms a digital hub for the community.

Digital Inclusion For Communities In Underserved Areas

We do our part to address digital inclusion for communities in underserved areas through the PI1Ms and WiFi sites in Malaysia. We set up, operate and manage these sites with the PI1Ms, providing digital literacy and more advanced ICT training, focusing on education and development of new skillsets, so that they can become places for collaborative learning for the community. To date, Maxis has 88 PI1Ms and 777 WiFi sites under its care.

Maxis Scholarship For Excellence Awards ("MSEA")

The MSEA programme which offers scholarship opportunities to all Malaysians, awarded six scholarships to outstanding students in 2015 to pursue their undergraduate studies at top universities overseas. Maxis scholars also go through a continuous engagement and development programme to help prepare them for a successful career with the Company upon graduation. To date, Maxis has invested RM52 million, benefitting 259 young Malaysians with world-class education.

Giving Back To The Community

In 2015, Maxis celebrated the festive seasons by engaging with the community through several activities.

  1. Hari Raya: Working with Pertiwi Soup Kitchen and Kechara Soup Kitchen, Maxis volunteers took to the streets and homes to distribute food and essential supplies to the urban poor and homeless in and around the Klang Valley. Pre-loved clothes collected from our internal donation drive were also handed to these families.
  2. Deepavali: We partnered with MySkills Foundation, to help brighten up the lives of 120 Indian youth. Maxis volunteers spent one full day with the residents, working together to give a fresh coat of paint to their flats, surfacing a futsal court and planting a vegetable garden for the residents to harvest.
  3. Christmas: We celebrated the occasion with members of the Mount Kinabalu Guides Association and their families whose livelihoods were impacted by the earthquake that hit Ranau, Sabah in June 2015. Maxis distributed school uniforms to the children of the guides and donated RM10,000 to the Association. Earlier in June, Maxis donated 20 units of 400 gallon water tanks to 10 villages in Kundasang which were affected by the earthquake.
  4. Additionally, we helped to refurbish a home in Tuaran, which was damaged by strong winds. Working with local contractors, we reinforced the beams, pillars, roof framework and underside footing as well as repainted the house. Our regional team in Sabah also organised a 'Gotong Royong' session to clean the surrounding areas.

Supporting these charities and communities, our employees played their part by volunteering their time, skills and energy. A total of 224 employees volunteered for community work this year, clocking in 1,202 volunteer hours.

Saving Energy And Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Our own carbon footprint has remained relatively stable due to energy efficiency measures. In 2015, we maintained our total network energy usage at 289 GWh, about the same usage in 2014. With various initiatives in place, we recorded a cumulative reduction of 84,683 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from 2010 to 2015, resulting in a total reduction of about 7% over six years. Our total emissions per base station also improved to 24.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), 3.3% lower than last year.

Operating Responsibly And Ethically

We are obsessed with doing things the Maxis Way. That is how we work, our priorities and our style - all anchored on the values of being positive, collaborative and passionate. Additionally, all of us adhere to the Maxis "Code of Business Practice" that outlines our codes of conduct, and govern policies and procedures. These values and expectations are also extended to business partners across our extensive supply chain.